"We are living in our dream home because of FRASER HOMES!"

We bought our first ever home in 2015! Being an immigrant is very challenging. Buying our first home was one of our ultimate dreams! Unexpectedly, we ended up having a BRAND NEW CUSTOM BUILT HOME! It was PERFECT!We have paid our reservation to another builder and decided to withdraw it because of unmet expectations and broken promises. Fraser Homes was the last one we have seen. We are so happy and thankful that we have given them a chance!!! Clay Fraser was very patient with our visions. When we laid out our visions such as the floor plan, designs, color, and the rest, he was very accommodating and professional. He made sure that our budgets stay within the limit while targeting our best satisfaction. Unlike the other builders that we’ve met, we never felt forced to have something that we did not like. Unlike the move in ready homes, having a custom built home is TRULY WORTH IT! Simply because you have planned and envisioned each corner of that house. That simple joy we’ve experienced each and every day, seeing the walls, paint colors, floor plan, wood designs, kitchen cabinet, countertops and all, always bring absolute joy in our hearts. I want to say that having a custom built home has made our relationship, as husband and wife, even stronger. Stronger because we are seeing each and every choice that we have picked together every day, it always reminds us of our teamwork and dedication! Thank you, Clay, for all the time you’ve spent with us as we planned and brainstormed our ideas! You did a great job because we are so happy with every detail of our home! The quality of the house is superb! We couldn’t complain about anything else! Every inch was carefully made! It may sound too good to be true, but it really is GOOD! Up to this day, we have never regretted choosing for Fraser Homes! During and after building the house, Tory was persevering enough to walk us through in the matters that we do not understand! He was very tolerant and made sure that we understand every technical detail of the house. Even after possession, Tory is always available to answer all of my questions! Imagine being in a new country with a new house…it was very different to what we used to have but Tory has always made time to answer our questions even through SMS/text!

Overall, the experience we had was unforgettable! We will always be proud that we have chosen Fraser Homes! We have never imagined that we can afford a custom built home. So we are busting that myth of having a custom built homes is more expensive—not with Fraser Homes! It is their expertise! If not the same price, it is less priced than our preferred house from another builder.We want to say that, it is all worth of every penny! One better thing about having a custom built house is that you have the liberty to allocate your budget. Imagine you are putting your budget in one specific area/aspect of the house over the other. For example, you can spend less for the exterior (without compromising the quality) and spend more for the interior design! Your imagination is the limit!

Thank you, Fraser Homes for making our wildest dream a reality! For almost two years, we are one of your happiest couple living in a Fraser Home- built home!

-Mark and Karis Reyes, August 1, 2017


Purchased our Fraser Home in 2013. Not a single issue with our home. 👍🏻👍🏻 Thx

- Tristan Etcheverry, June 21, 2017


"If you want the best service before, during AND after the sale, the Fraser family are the ones to turn to! Top notch from the start and all the way through!"

- Greg Dunn December 2016

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the home of our dreams"

“To Clay, Tory, and the rest of the Fraser Homes team: We have been in our Fraser Home for just over 2 years now (meaning this note is long overdue!), and to this day are so impressed with our home and the building experience. From start to finish (and beyond!) the attention to detail on our home and over quality of the build is completely unprecedented. We are so grateful for the attention and patience (lots of patience!) shown to us as we went through this process for the first time. There were many helpful suggestions and great design ideas as well. Many friends and family speak of stressful experiences with other builders - possession dates missed, many things needing to be "fixed" on the pre-delivery inspection. With Fraser homes we had none of these issues at all. Dates were met, and there were virtually no issues when we moved in. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the home of our dreams. People still compliment our home and ask who our builder was, and I continue to recommend you to anyone I know that is looking to build a custom home or buy a new home. “

- Brian, Chelene, and Blake Fehr 

"We would highly recommend Fraser Homes to anyone thinking about building a new home!"

“We recently had Fraser Homes build our new home on an acreage just outside of Saskatoon. Building on an acreage has its own problems and challenges. We are extremely pleased with the positive way in which these challenges were met and handled. Fraser Homes’ expertise and knowledge made building so much more enjoyable and stress free. It was a pleasure dealing with all the trades, suppliers and the staff at Fraser Homes. We would highly recommend Fraser Homes to anyone thinking about building a new home!”

-Goran and Snezana

"True to their word, Fraser Homes doesn't just build homes, they build dreams"

“True to their word, Fraser Homes doesn't just build homes, they build dreams. Throughout the planning, designing and building process we were treated with courtesy, respect and professionalism. Fraser Homes always made us feel like a family rather than a house number. We can't say enough about Randy, his staff and the many, many wonderful trade's people we met and worked with. Thank you Fraser Homes! We are ever grateful for the memorable experience and for our dream home.”

-Robert, Carmelina, David & Michael

"Our experience with Fraser Homes has been very positive as they literally custom build our home"

"Our experience with Fraser Homes has been very positive as they literally custom build our home. They encouraged us to visit our new home frequently during the various stages of construction, which we did and we found all the trades to be very receptive to our visits. Any questions we had were answered promptly throughout the building process. As well, any deficiencies have been promptly corrected. Best of all, possession was the day we were promised, even though the summer of 2010 presented more weather related challenges than Saskatoon has seen for a long time!"

-Dave and Susan Fehr

"A builder who is always there for you to help fix any problems"

Having a builder who is always there for you to help fix any problems - Fraser homes has been fantastic & the couple issues we had were the fault of others not Fraser homes but they fixed the problems anyway!!

-Karen Costello



We just got our new cabinet doors put in; Thank you so very much for following through on the warranty! We love our Fraser home and making it even more special, is the incredible service we received from you and your team. Thank you for being so good to us.

-Darren & Maxine