Must-Know Tips and Tricks when Choosing your Lot.

Building in a new development is quite possibly one of the most exciting moments of your life. You get to pour your preferences, passion, and personality into your unique dream home. And to make that dream absolutely perfect, we’d like to offer a few tips and tricks for you to follow before choosing.


The plot you choose for your home will soon be your neighbourhood, your community. Do your research and get to know it well. Know what’s important to you and make a list. Here’s a basic sample of what to look for:

·      Does the location fit your budget?

·      Is it close enough to the schools you want your kids to attend?

·      How much park space is planned near you?

·      Is your commute to work short enough?

·      Will there be quick access to important points for you and your family?


When choosing a new lot, it’s important to note where your primary windows will be facing with regard to sun-orientation. If you want maximum sun exposure for the living room in the evening, know where both winter and summer sun will shine and plan windows accordingly. Some lots may offer better exposures than others.  

Remember that some garage locations are predetermined. Choose lots and windows around such blockages, and be cognisant of future deck or landscape designs. Lastly, it’s worth knowing where other sources of unnatural light might invade your space. Nobody wants a traffic light painting their master bedroom green and red all night long. Let’s recap:

·      Chose a lot that suits your comfort level of sun exposure.

·      Consider both high summer, and low winter sun paths.

·      Choose lots and window locations that work with the rest of your property.

·      Be cautious of invasive neighbourhood light sources.


While scouting for that perfect backyard, and a couple property lots appeal to you, consider consulting with potential neighbours about their fence and deck space.  Privacy is a preconceived and planned amenity.

Know the grade and level of your property. The natural flow of water can be an asset or your worst nightmare if you’re not aware of its movement. Choose a property with a grade that works with your building plans, not against them.

·      Plan ahead when considering privacy for your deck and fence.

·      Know the grade of your property and how it will affect your build plans.

As always, when choosing a lot, make sure to hire a builder that has some staying power. You want a well-known company that will be around for as long as your home will be. Should anything happen, you need a trusted builder that knows your home and will be there to help maintain your dream.


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